We help fun, laid-back couples experience pure joy on the dance floor while surrounded by their closest friends and family, all having the time of their lives.

We’re Business Time, Your Los Angeles Wedding & Party Band!

We’re addicted to crafting music in a thoughtful way. And while packing a dance floor is our trade, meeting people and making friends is our passion. Be it a sunny wedding on the pacific coast, an intimate candle-lit ceremony in the mountains,  or an all-out party in a grand ballroom, we want to help tell your story.


Remember that time, 50 years from now, when everyone was still talking about your wedding? That’s what happens when you shock them with a live band. Most guests expect to see a DJ. Imagine their excitement when they arrive to your reception to find a full band waiting for them on stage!


You’ve got an eclectic musical taste, so do we: everything from the 1950’s to songs that came out 50 minutes ago. It’s crucial to have the right variety of music and a killer MC to get everyone out of their seats. You’ve got a friend who says he doesn’t dance? We’ll change that.


Our couples consistently tell us how relieving it is to hear from us when they need us, get a response right away, and know that we are already ahead of them on every detail. We’re already tackling challenges before they happen to make sure that all of your special moments are flawless.

Event & Wedding Music That Gets Everyone Out Of Their Seats!

“I LOVED working with these guys!” - Alex

Photo Credit: Sarah Ellefson

Photo Credit: Sarah Ellefson

“BTE performed at our wedding this past weekend and I couldn’t wait to write a review! I don’t want any other couple to miss out on them. We knew from their videos that they were talented, but they truly blew us away day-of. By the end of the night I think at least 20 people asked us where we found the band. Everyone LOVED them. Our #1 goal of the wedding was to have everyone dance the whole night, BTE made sure that happened! The dance floor was filled the entire night and the people who weren’t dancing were just mesmerized by the performance. They made our entire wedding an event we will never forget.” - Rachael & Aaron

“I LOVED working with these guys! From the first time we chatted to the big night, they were delightful to talk with, accommodating, and put on a heck of a show. Some of my favorite moments of the entire wedding were dancing and enjoying their music! They do awesome jobs of all sorts of covers - classics and moderns - that will keep you and your guests moving. They also were really helpful to keep the schedule of toasts and other happenings on track the day of the wedding, which helped me relax even more and enjoy every moment of it. If you get opportunity to book 'em - do it!” - Alex & Briana