Wedding Music

Top 9 Wedding Music Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

With so many decisions to make in a short period of time, no wonder so many engaged couples feel overwhelmed. Kick back with some champagne and let us guide you in the right direction. Avoid these classic missteps and the only thing you'll have to worry about is how many pieces of cake Uncle Dale is going to scarf down!

#1: Band or DJ? Make this decision first! Tt makes all of the rest of the decisions 100% easier. Most people think either “we don’t want a band because it’ll be too expensive” or “we don’t want a DJ because we don’t want our wedding to be cheesy”. The truth is neither of those notions may be true and the answer depends on what you like.

Here’s the trick: Ask yourself some questions. Do you love the energy and excitement of live music? Do you prefer songs to sound just like they do on the record? There’s a huge variety out there. Some bands will actually DJ your favorite tracks in between their dance sets so you can get the best of both worlds! 

#2: First Dances Being Too Long. The first dance is a magical moment and you want to enjoy every second of it. However, you may find that 2 minutes of waltzing is enough to make you wanna grab some of that delicious wedding cake. 

Here’s the trick: Do a quick “rehearsal” with your fiancé and you may find that prancing in slow circles for four minutes can feel like forever! See what length of time feels right to you and work with your band leader to come up with a shorter version of the song. Three minutes is usually plenty. Then, enjoy it! You’ve been waiting forever to wear that perfect white dress- give it a twirl out on the floor for everyone to see! 

#3: Speeches: How Long Is Too Long? - Though you never want speeches to be rushed, you also don’t want the Best Man’s speech to cut in on your party time on the dance floor! Most reception facilities cap the event at 4-5 hours, so an excessively long speech can encroach on other activities. 

Here’s the trick: Talk to those who are giving a toast at the wedding. Let them know it means the world to you that they are speaking, and that you’d love for them to cap it at about 5 minutes. It may sound short, but it’s the perfect length. Plus, most wedding guests aren’t prepared to listen for much longer than that. As we say in show business, leave em’ wanting more!

#4: Not Meeting With The Musician Before The Wedding - On your wedding day you don't want to find out that your band doesn't know the Monster Mash or your DJ only plays Disney music (actually, that'd be pretty awesome!) This is the fun part! Dress up with your soulmate and take in a Wedding Showcase. Online videos are great, but seeing the real thing is key.

Here’s the trick: Remember, you’re not only there to hear the music, but you also want to hear them emcee and make sure they can get the crowd going. Make sure you meet with the musician or DJ face-to-face to see how easily they build a rapport. This person will be emceeing all of the events on the night of your wedding so you want to make sure they can capture the crowds attention with ease and keep the events running smoothly.

#5. Not Specifying What You’d Like to Hear - You don’t want to be in the middle of the dance floor at your wedding when that ONE SONG you can’t stand comes on! Or miss out on a tune that has a special meaning to you and your honey. 

Here’s the trick - Don’t assume that your band or DJ will know exactly what you’d like to hear. Make sure to talk to them and check out their song list prior to booking. Sit down with your spouse-to-be and make a list of songs you’d like to hear and song’s you don’t want to hear. Give that to the band leader or DJ and then leave it up to the pro’s to design the perfect setlist for your reception. That’s what they’re there for!

#6. We Want A Lot of Ballads… - We hear this all the time from wedding clients. Trust us, on the big day you won’t want too many of the songs to be slow. The right Band or DJ will intuitively read the audience and know when it’s the right moment for John Legend- style crooning and when it’s time to Twist and Shout!  

Here’s the trick: You are throwing one of the greatest parties of your life and everyone is going to be ready to get down on the dance floor! 

#7: Not Having Your Band Leader/ DJ Do a Venue Walk-Through - We always go to see the venue before the event. It can be a logistical nightmare if your band or DJ shows up the day of the wedding and doesn’t know where to set up, where to find power outlets, or has trouble finding which ballroom the reception is in!

Here’s the trick: To ensure a smooth wedding day it’s always good to check off all logistics prior to the event. Have your musician do a walk-through of the venue with you or your coordinator before the event, or provide them with a room layout which illustrates where they will set up and where they can find power.

#8: The Sound of Silence - Realistically you never want your guests standing around without any background music playing. 

Here’s the trick -  Many guests will arrive to your Ceremony 20-30 minutes early, so make sure there will be music playing for them. Talk to your Musician/DJ about all of those in-between moments: pre-ceremony, as people enter the reception/cocktail area, as they leave the ceremony location, etc. 

#9: Miscommunication Between Band/DJ and Other Vendors - The Band/DJ is the emcee for the evening and will be ushering in every event that takes place. A little communication goes a long way. For instance, if they aren’t in communication with the photographer before they announce the cake cutting, the photographer may miss taking that shot of you smashing cake into your spouses face. Nobody wants that.  

Here’s the trick: Make sure your band leader/DJ knows their role as emcee. It’s very important that they have communication with the food vendors, photographer, and wedding planner prior to the wedding day. That way you can just RELAX and ENJOY the most magical day of your life! 


That’s a wrap! We hope you found some helpful tips. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment or send us a message. We’re happy to help you in any way we can!

~ Tim & Mandy